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TITC,filled with flair and creativity will focus on results, partnering with clients across the world.Logo & corporate Identity, packaging design, brochure, press ad, marketing literature, website, video design, branded content and more.

we  will help you design messages and imagery that will open the hearts and minds of your audience and improve customer engagement and and across time-zones.Keeping Your Website Simple Let’s face it.


We combine digital strategy, UX/UI and design to help clients think beyond Ordinary.We strive for excellence in everything we do. We’ve helped companies to win hearts and minds of their clients and think globally, working with great companies around the world and across time-zones.


Your brand is a representation of your business, even a representation of you. It is a culmination of intangible elements such as a promise and a persona as well as tangible elements such as your logo, website layout to name a few.


Your ad creative may be the first time a customer interacts with your brand. It’s important to use these opportunities to make a lasting impression. Everybody is different but there are some strategies you can use to help your ads stand out from the rest.We believe nothing is a greater reflection of success than a repeat customer.


Everybody is different but there are some strategies you can use to help your ads stand out from the rest.


These days in the business world, relationships matter more than ever.  People tune out irrelevant or promotional messages. But they do want  to engage with companies that focus on sharing useful and relevant  information and content. The companies that inform and engage aren’t  just selling — they’re building relationships.


We believe in starting with the tangible elements first in order to gain favorability from the market, thereby uplifting the brand image of your company.

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As a part of the design process, every branding and identity project begins by thoroughly researching the client’s business and what they stand for. We strive for authenticity to ensure every brand’s touch point is a clear communication of who they are.Our graphic design process has the following phases. The client is involved in every step of the design process:

Provide Creative and innovative Graphic services

We Focu On

  1. Business Identity Design ( Logo, Business card , advertisement etc)
  2. Logo Design
  3. Poster Design (categories: Business, offer &sale, fitness, services, retro, groceries, fashion, education, infographic, beauty & salon, Kids, automobile, gift voucher, garage sale, dance, sports, car wash, newspaper, club flyers, miscellaneous shapes, fruits, back sale, volunteers, cleaning services, medical& healthcare, social activity & charity, daycare, coming soon, daily affirmations, birthday, food and drinks, travel, events, phone case, restaurant menu, yard sale, etc )
  4. Advertisement Design
  5. Motion Design

We Drive Innovation

We are Building Trust with our clients by providing the holistic benefit of integrated service delivery.

Thus,performance data is central to reporting on brand lift across different service lines, providing the insights that drive future success. As brands continue to depend on the integration of multiple channels to spread messages and connect with consumers, Our employees are skilled across multiple areas, including social media, SEO, SEM and public relations.

Our Approach

Build a Customer-Centric Organization

This trend, known as media convergence,represents the blending of tactics across channels to reach  and  engage the social consumer.A converged media model applied to growing brand awareness, engagement, sales and customer service  is the only way brands can align their marketing efforts to attract and retain the attention  of the new social consumer.

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Being a Innovative agencies,we have artificial intelligence technology solutions as enablers and extensions of their capabilities

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